Improve the efficiency of your institute with a rich, web-based IMS

It creates a single database to bring together the whole institute community. It’s revolutionised what institutes can do with a institute management system.

100% web-based IMS system, delivered in the cloud or on-premise
Capture, report and assess more data than before
Modular architecture allows institutes to fit exact needs
Allows for third-party integration with other systems
Developed with educational needs in mind

How is the EduZone IMS designed?

Designed so that all verified users can use it to input data as well as extract it easily, EduZone is not just for institute secretaries or senior management. It’s intended for all staff to use daily, allowing institutes to capture, report and assess more data than before. It allows staff members to access any information through a clear, intuitive interface. Because it’s web-based, staff can access exactly the same information from home, or anywhere else in the world, as they can in institute.

Its modular architecture allows institutes to build their own system and grow it to their exact needs. We understand each institute set up is different for a reason – that’s why EduZone is so flexible. Whatever your institute’s requirements, you can develop an individual in-house system, while taking advantage of numerous useful standard features.

Who is the system for?

The EduZone IMS is perfect for everyone involved with the institute – from data administrators and staff, to students and parents – EduZone makes all tasks easier.


Our IMS offers a comprehensive set of modules to manage every aspect of administrative back-end tasks to ensure an efficiently run institute. Everything from admissions, accounting, wellbeing, communication, HR, fee billing and more.

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All the tools needed to help ensure the teachers day runs smoothly. A dashboard to view the institite timetable and daily bulletin noticeboard. Easily input student marks, write student reports and track students’ progress along with awarding pupils to take registers quickly and more.

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It ensures that all parents and guardians are constantly updated. It creates excellent communication, provides extensive information and gives them constant peace of mind.

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Keep all your students informed and up to date. Students are able to view and print their timetable, see their teaching groups and read their own reports and assessment data. They can also see their attendance and registration information and details of detention or reward and conduct records, and check on their groups and events too.

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Human Resource

It is developed specifically in mind bringing together the academic, wellbeing, administrative and fee billing elements into a powerful accounting and finance solution.

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